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Physical controls.

-->To prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access to company’s facilities. Common physical controls include walls, doors, fencing, gates, locks, badges, guards and alarm systems.
-->Others physical controls include pressure sensors, temperature sensors, and motion detectors.
-->The weakness of physical controls is that they can be inconvenient to employees.
-->Security guards deserve special mention because they have very difficult job. Such as :
• Their jobs are boring and repetitive.
• They are typically not highly paid.
• They will harass by the employees.

Access controls.

-->Restriction of unauthorized user access to computer resources, use biometrics and passwords controls for user identification.
-->Access controls involve two major functions :
• Authentication – Determines the identity of the person requiring access.
• Authorization – Determines which actions, rights, or privileges the person has, based on verified identity.

Method to identify authorized personnel :

Something the user is

-->Also known as biometrics, these authentication methods examine a person’s innate physical characteristics.
-->Generally, company will use an applications such as :
• fingerprint scans
• palm scans
• retina scans
• iris recognition(provide the most definitive identification)

Something the user has

-->These authentication mechanisms include:
• Regular Identification (ID) cards – typically have the person’s picture and often , his or her signature.
• Smart ID cards – have a chip embedded in them with pertinent information about the user.
• Tokens –have embedded chips and a digital display that present a login number used by the employees to access the organization’s network.

Something the user does

-->These authentication mechanisms include:
• Voice recognition–the user speak a phrase that has been recorded under control, monitored conditions.
• Signature recognition–the user sign his or her name and the system matches with the signature that has been recorded and monitored conditions.

Something the user knows

-->These authentication mechanisms include:
-->Passwords– present a huge information security problem in all organizations. All user should use strong passwords in order to make sure the password can’t be broken by a password attacker.
-->Characteristics of strong passwords :
• They should be difficult to guess.
• They should be longer rather than shorter.
• They should have uppercase letter, lowercase letter, numbers and special characters.
• They should not be recognizable word.
• They should not be the name of anything or anyone familiar, such as family names or manes of pets.
• They should not be recognizable string of numbers, such as a birthday date.
-->Passphrase–is a series of characters that is longer than a passwords but can be memorized easily.

Multifactor authentication.

-->To identify authorized users more efficiently and effectively.
-->This type of authentication is particularly important when users are logging in from remote locations.
-->A privilege is a collection of related computer system operations that can be performed by users of the system.
-->Least privilege is a principle that users be granted the privilege for some activity only if there is a justifiable need to grant this authorization.

Research from : INTRODUCTION TO INFORMATION SYSTEMS (enabling and transforming business)-International Student Version



Sebelum anda memutuskan untuk berkahwin dengan seorang "programmer", anda perlu pikir dengan semasak-masaknya dulu sebelum anda menyesal dikemudian hari.

Ini adalah contoh daripada seorang hamba Allah yang mengadu mengenai hubungan dia dan si suami, seorang programmer setiap hari.............

Suami: (Setelah balik lewat dari pejabat) "Selamat malam sayang, sekarang saya logged in."
Isteri: Abang ada beli tak barang yang saya pesan tadi?

Suami: Bad command or filename.

Isteri: Tapi kan ke saya dah call abang pagi tadi kat pejabat suruh abang beli!
Suami: Errorneous syntax. Abort?

Isteri: Ish. Abang nih, takkan itu pon tak ingat? Hahaa..... Abang kata tadi dalam telefon nak beli tv? Mana dia?
Suami: Variable not found...

Isteri: Abang nih memang tak bole harap la. Bak kad kredit abang. biar saya pergi belikan dan shopping barang dapur sekali.
Suami: Sharing Violation. Access denied...

Isteri: Abang ni tak sayang saya ke? abang lebih sayang komputer abang tu dari saya. Saya tak tahan la kalau macam ni selalu.
Suami: Too many parameters...

Isteri: Saya menyesal pilih abang sebagai suami saya. Harapkan muka je hensem.
Suami: Data type mismatch.

Isteri: Abang nih memang betul-betul tak berguna la.
Suami: It's by Default.

Isteri: Macamana pula dengan gaji abang?
Suami: File in use ... Try later.

Isteri: Kalau begitu, apa peranan saya disisi abang sebagai isteri?
Suami: Unknown Virus.

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-cybersquatting is registering, trafficking in, or using a domain name with bad-faith intent to profit from the goodwill of a trademark belonging to someone else. It generally refers to the practice of buying up domain names that use the names of existing businesses with the intent to sell the names for a profit to those businesses.


The practice that's come to be known as cybersquatting originated at a time when most businesses were not savvy about the commercial opportunities on the Internet. Some entrepreneurial souls registered the names of well-known companies as domain names, with the intent of selling the names back to the companies when they finally woke up. Panasonic, Fry's Electronics, Hertz and Avon were among the "victims" of cybersquatters. Opportunities for cybersquatters are rapidly diminishing, because most businesses now know that nailing down domain names is a high priority.

1. Find at least ONE website (give the URL) that you find as cybersquatting site.
(offer Pepsi product, Fashion, Sports, Music and Entertainment)
(Pepsi MAXCAST. Your Portal to Max your Music on MySpace. MAX YOUR WEB,surf the Pepsi Wap site and find a bucket load of stuff everyday including games and so on)
(Pepsi Bottling Group Inc.)

2. Go to OPAC IIUM, find three books from Law, Human Science and Technology. Get the call numbers and ISBN numbers....

Pollution, politics, and international law : tankers at sea / R. Michael M'Gonigle and Mark W. Zacher
ISBN : 0520045130
Call number : d44 K3590.4M617P

Law and justice : an introduction / Richard A. Myren
ISBN : 0534081126
Call number : d61 KF384M998L

Criminal law : understanding basic principles / Charles W. Thomas, Donna M. Bishop
ISBN : 0803926685
Call number : d65 KF9219T455C

Science, technology & human values : MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass. 1978-
ISBN : 0162-2439
Call number : j Q175.4S416S

Human rights and scientific and technological development : studies on the affirmative use of science and technology for the furtherance of human rights ... by the United Nations Human Rights Commission / edited by C.G. Weeramantry
ISBN : 9280807315
Call Number : Q175.5H918W

Human resource development and information technology : making global connections / edited by Catherine M. Sleezer, Tim L. Wentling, Roger L. Cude.
ISBN : 0792375947
Call number : HD30.2H918S

3. Explore Bro. Asmady blog and tell me at least 3 things you like about his blog....

  • The blog looks simple and attractive.
  • Thru the blog there have a link in order for user to contact him thru call or e-mail.
  • The blog display announcement or information about study to student.
  • Besides, his blog also have a shout box for user express their impression.

4. Name the URL for Kulliyah of ICT.

5.Go to CFS IIUM Library, find 10 books that categorized under Red spot collections...

  • Foundations of mathematical physics / / Sadri Hassani
  • Problems in physics / E.D. Gardiner and B.L. McKittrick
  • Organizational structure and information technology / / by Jon Harrington
  • Islamic law in the modern world / J. N. D. Anderson
  • Origin and development of Islamic law / edited by Majid Khadduri and Herbert J. Leibesny; with foreword by Justice Robert H. Jackson
  • Modern nutrition in health and disease / senior editor, Maurice E. Shils ; associate editors, Moshe Shike
  • Calculus / / K.G. Binmore
  • 3000 solved problems in precalculus / by Philip Schmidt
  • Ecological biology : for A-level and intermediate students in Africa / editors, D. W. Ewer, J. B. Hall ; contributors G. C. Clerk
  • Advanced organic chemistry : reactions, mechanisms, and structure / Jerry March
  • Advanced inorganic chemistry : reactions, mechanisms, and structure / Jerry March

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Why are information system important to you? (update)

Why is Information System Important?

Information system is related with our daily life in terms of gain news, knowledge and so on.
Besides that, information are important to us because its tell us about latest news from other country around the world. Information also help us to learn something new in order to practice in our routine of life. On the other hand, it also make our life become more easier and faster to get information in what ever field around the world such as technologies, sports, entertainment and others. Next, information also provide us about nature of human life. For example, we learn about other religion or races culture and compare between their culture with our own culture. In brief, information system nowadays give a big impact in human life to perform a better work for better lifestyle.

As a generic capability, information literacy is a key competency for lifelong learning and is fundamental to the teaching, learning and research of all community.Student Outcomes - states the University's and Institution’s objective in order to "improve students’ learning, broad educational experience, success, satisfaction and outcomes".

A key strategy to achieve this objective is:

• Develop and implement core graduate attributes and embed their achievement in the University’s curriculum.

• locate, evaluate, manage and use information effectively.

Students can locate, evaluate, manage and use information effectively. This includes, but is not restricted to:

• Critical thinking (evaluation of information).

• Information technology skills (location, management and use of information – word processing, spreadsheets, databases including library databases and other discipline specific computer skills).

• Information gathering skills (location and use of information).

One of the key attributes that all lifelong learners need is information literacy. By this we do not simply mean the ability to use information technology effectively, but a cluster of skills dealing with the effective use of information(its location, its evaluation, its management and its use.)

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Sports Products in Malaysia

Comparing products by using Porter's Force Model

Comparing products by using Porter’s competitive force model.

Porter’s competitive force model was created by Michael Porter’s since 1985. Nowadays, many big companies using this model to develop strategies in order to improved their business and increased their competitive edge. There are 5 major forces that can become harm to the company listed below :

 The threat of entry of new competitor.
 The bargaining power of suppliers.
 The bargaining suppliers of customers(buyers).
 The threat of substitute products or services.
 The rivalry among existing firms in the industry.


As we know, nowadays there are many of sports attire and item such as sport shoes, football attire, t-shirts and so on. Our country are the most of asian country that produced and imported many of sports product for daily use and recreation purposes.

Refer to the first model of Porter’s competitive force model that is the threat of entry of new competitor. Malaysia also produced their own sports products brand such as Kronos, Power(BATA), Asadi and others. But, today people more trusted to other imported products such as Nike, Adidas, Umbro, Diadora and so on. This scenario happens because of the strategies of the imported products in order to sale and commercial their products. Besides, imported products have very high quality of products produce and the name of the products are famous around the world. Even our local products prices are cheaper than imported products, customers still choosed imported products because of the brand, quality and also their design is up to date.

Next, the bargaining power of suppliers also give a big impact in business matters. Today, we as a buyers can purchased a imported product thru online. Besides that, by using online services we can negotiate the prices of the products using auction sites, the quality of the product also guarantee by the company and the items we buy will delivered shortly using courier. On the other hand, our local products only can buy at shopping complex in this country but not around the world. People also will choosed their own taste and favorites products with a good quality and reasonable items sales.

Another model of Porter’s competitive force model is the bargaining power of customers (buyers). As we know, in the modern life now we as a buyers or customers can buy the imported products more easier than local products because of the suppliers in this country. There are many of sub-suppliers for imported product such as aL-iKhSaN sports,Atheletic sports and so on. But, our local sports products only sells and supplies by selected company in Malaysia for example BATA (M). Besides, customers have many choices to choosed and purchased the imported sports products because the imported products offer many types of sports items compared to local sports products.

The fourth Porter’s competitive force model is the threat of substitute of products or services. Nowadays, new technologies creates substitute products rapidly. People will buy the latest technologies and products produced. For example, today most of people will buy a PVC sandals rather than Canvas sandals it’s because of the quality and multipurpose uses. Besides, the PVC products is lighter than canvas because of the materials used. Other than that, the designed of the sports items give a big advantages to a sports company to gained profit. Customers will choosed a modern style designed and followed the trends aroung the world. Imported products designed is up to date but, our local products only focused to the trends in Malaysia only not globally.

Lastly, the competitive force models produced by Potter’s is the rivalry among existing firms in the industry. Today, in the world there are many of company and products produced. Some of the famous name of products is Nike, Adidas, Umbro, Diadora, and so on. So, because of the name of this products was very famous aroung the world it may effect our local products sales. People would like to choosed the top and famous sports items compared to our local sports items. And because of this phenomenon, it will compete among sports company in this country.

Some people have claimed that, nowadays there are too many imitations of imported products such as Nike, Adidas and others in this country. People have to be alerted if want to purchased the imported sports products because of this cases. So, it shows that our local sports products is more secure to buy because its do not have non-original products sales in this country.

In brief, as a big company in this industry we have to makes a strategies by using this five Porter’s competitive force model. This model will helps and shows you the best way to become a very successful company in the world.

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Children of Heaven

Name : Amirul Syafiq Bin Azidin

Matric No. : 075519


My point of view about this movie.

“CHILDREN OF HEAVEN” is the movie that tell audience a story of a poor family that have to survived their life with many of difficulties and problems. This movie also showed many of moral values that can be imitate in order to perform our duty as a human in this world. Besides that, its also showed the sacrificed of each member of the family such as father, mother, brothers and sisters.

First of all, in this movie i can see that their culture and lifestyle are very simple. For an example, they can live and survived in the rural area with a poor public facilities provided and they only eat a simple meal such as bread, drink only the pipe water.

Next, the other moral value i can take from this movie is the behaviour in respect each other among community members. Ali shows that he always respect people that more older than him. On the other hand, this story tell us about responsibility and trustworthy in doing a job. For example, Ali father’s was very responsible person when somebody ask him to do a job such as to process the sugar for mosque and can’t cheat or take the things that not belonging to us officially. Besides, Ali father’s responsible to make their family happy. In order to make sure the family happy,he go to get a part time job as a gardener at elite house. Ali also helped his father to get an extra pocket money.

Other than that, this movie shows the spirit of study between ali and his sister. Ali and his sister very hardworking and intelligent student in school. This spririt proved after ali loss his sister school shoes that his father told him to repair it. Then, at that time this two siblings decided keep it as a secret in order do not want their father to get angry. After that, ali and his sister have to share a pair of school shoes together and squeeze it after his sister finised her class. Ali always get caught by the headmaster because of coming late to school everyday. But, he never give up and try to get a new snicker shoes for his sister. One day, Ali entered a marathon races at town and the priced offer for the winner is a pair of shoes and a camping trips. But, Ali have to finished the race at third placed because he want to get the snicker shoes for his sister. At the end of the race, Ali become a champion and upset because cannot fulfill his promise to his sister. Briefly, this scenario shows that we have to try our best in order to achieved what we wanted and never give up.

The negative part in this movie is when the head master of Ali school never give Ali chance to explain what a problem faces by his family. He just want to blame Ali because of always coming late to school. In my point of view, as a teacher we have to be tolerate while communicates with students and discuss about the problem faces by a student. Sometimes, student shy to story about their problem because of the teacher behaviour towards their students.

In conclusion, overall of this story give many of moral values for us to follow and imitates it in order to make ourlife better and better. Besides that, it also make me feel very lucky and grateful to live in “MALAYSIA” that well known as a developing country and peaceful country in this world.